An earlier version of the website design

An earlier version of the website design (1).gif


I worked with Elevada for a month and a half at the end of 2018. Their product design was mainly being done by an agency, but they wanted someone to keep an eye on the overall visual architecture, for illustrations and to build them a website.

I started out by gathering all visual elements used for the product, compiling a design guide and a shared Sketch library, so the agency and I could collaborate more smoothly.

I then designed a landing page, iterating several times after gathering feedback from the person who would be coding the website and the product design lead. Later on, I added several pages, including the product page displayed below, which I think works well with what we called the “data rain motif”.


My work for Elevada included the creation of several illustrations, for example for the team page, the 404 page, and as headers for blog posts. I also designed a set of icons for the website, incorporating the data rain motif.


Berlin x Detroit illustration for the team page


My main learning from this project was that having a process and following it is crucial to the kind of work I do. Especially if a project requires working on several different aspects at once, it is important to stick to courses of action that have proven to be working. Research and preparation before the beginning and during a project are essential and if there is no time to conduct them, the expectations for the result must be adjusted accordingly. Having data to back up design decisions is also necessary to justify them and to not be distracted from the main goal - creating something that solves a specific problem.

Another thing I learned was that the importance of communication between the developer and the designer of a website cannot be overstated. The top of this page displays an early proposition for the look fo the website, which then turned out could not be realized without great technical difficulties. (I’m keeping it as the header though because I like the downward pointing arrows background.)